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Discover 101 day’s worth of inspiring quotes, time-tested lessons, thoughtful questions, and purposeful journaling space.

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What's Inside?

Inspiring Quotes

Start each day by reading a quote full of time-tested wisdom that will challenge your mindset and gear you toward growth. We’ve only included our absolute favorite quotes — 101 of them to be exact!

Daily Time-tested Lessons

Then read a one-page lesson on things like having hope, combatting the ego, finding your purpose, watering your goals, and lots more! We’ve got 101 daily lessons — inspired by stoicism, scientific research, and ancient wisdom — crafted with care and compassion to challenge you and help you grow. Open 101 Lessons on your phone, tablet, or desktop every morning to get inspired and challenge yourself! 

Questions & Journaling Space

After each lesson, you’ll find three questions to make you think more deeply about that day’s lesson. Plus plenty of fillable journaling space right inside of the doc. Save your doc once you’re done and leave feeling inspired and ready to tackle whatever the day may bring!

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