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About The Tonic

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” - Socrates

Welcome to The Tonic!

My name is Mike Blankenship. I’m the writer behind all of the emails at The Tonic. If you “Reply” to an email, I’ll be the guy responding back to you. 🙂

My business partner is Alec Beglarian. He’s the business wizard behind the scenes.

Alec and I originally met in the email marketing space and, after years of conversations, discovered we both also had a passion for personal development.

We came up with the idea of creating a hype-free email “newsletter” to keep people inspired and spread time-tested wisdom for life’s everyday challenges. 

And The Tonic was born!

The Tonic now has over 15,000 subscribers and is growing every day.

Here’s a little more about us if you’re curious!

Mike Blankenship

Mike Blankenship lives in Lisbon, Portugal with his beautiful wife and his adorable daughter. His full-time job is as a freelance writer where he provides copy and content for businesses like ClickFunnels, SmartBlogger, Jeff Bullas, AdWeek, and lots of other companies. But his passion is using words to tell stories, inspire, and shift people’s mindsets in a meaningful way. The Tonic is the manifestation of what he’s dreamed of getting to do for years. And he loves every second of it. As a side-note he also loves wine and cheese and he wishes he had a dog… but his wife convinced him to get a cat years ago and now it feels like there’s no going back. At least there’s still wine and cheese. Mike Blankenship is also the founder of Blankenship Marketing and Tools 4 REI.

Alec Beglarian

Alec Beglarian lives in LA. He’s an email marketing and deliverability expert with nearly two decades of experience. He’s also an investor, a tech entrepreneur, and a firm believer in the teachings of stoicism — you are not your thoughts, feelings are fleeting, and life is best when it’s lived. He’s got a passion for tackling big challenges and helping people overcome big obstacles. And he’s got a knack for bringing out the best in people. He’s also the founder of Mailberry, Engage.Guru and Email Mastery.

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