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Are you lonely?

By: Michael Blankenship |

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.”
~ Wayne Dyer

As you age, here’s a glimpse of how your social interactions might evolve over the years: 

As the years go by, the time spent ‘alone’ tends to rise, while other interactions fluctuate. And we’ve also seen this with others who came before us. They spent a significant time being alone as they aged — whether by choice or circumstances. 

It’s a reminder that we should enjoy the time we get to spend with others… and also become masters of enjoying our own company.

Here are some ideas to help you enjoy being alone and including some interactions in your daily life: 

  • Talk to strangers. Next time you’re getting coffee, chat up the barista. Compliment someone’s shoes in an elevator. Little conversations can surprisingly lift your mood.
  • Volunteer for a cause close to heart. Share your life experiences. Whether it’s mentoring youngsters or helping in community events, your time and wisdom are valuable.
  • Visit a new cafe or restaurant once a week. If dining alone feels intimidating, sit at the bar or communal tables. This often leads to interesting conversations with fellow diners or staff.
  • Spend time learning something — painting, new language, pottery or understanding the cosmos – there are so many choices. Join local classes or online courses. These can also introduce you to like-minded peers, creating a two-fold benefit: knowledge and companionship.
  • If circumstances allow, adopt or foster a pet. Pets also often lead to social interactions during walks or vet visits. Caring for them can also create a sense of purpose, making time spent alone feel valuable.
  • Loneliness can hit harder in the morning and at night. Because these are times when things are quiet and you’re often alone with your thoughts. Create a morning & evening routine that helps get through these parts of the day with little more ease. 

Part of the cure for loneliness is making friends — go outside your comfort zone and find people to talk to. The other half of the solution is enjoying your own company and finding something meaningful to do with your alone time. 

Loneliness isn’t solved overnight. But it can be solved with just a bit of intentionality. 

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This Week’s Journaling Prompt

Imagine the ideal start or end to your day, where you feel both connected to yourself and the world around you. Describe in detail your morning or evening routine.

This Week’s Challenge

Treat yourself to a solo date. Visit a cafe or a restaurant you’ve never been to. If you’re uncomfortable dining alone, remember the suggestion about sitting at the bar or communal tables. Engage with the environment, the food, and maybe even strike up a conversation.

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