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Fate be Damned

By: Michael Blankenship |

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

~ Joseph Campbell

“Who am I?”

It’s a question that you’ve probably asked yourselves many times. 

You believe there is a definite version of yourself waiting to be unlocked.

You think…

“There’s a perfect career for me, and I need to find it.


“I need to find the one hobby that I’m naturally good at, or else I’m wasting my time.” 

You are on this quest to “figure out who I am.” 


👉 Figuring out implies a fixed answer. 

👉Figuring out feels like a problem to be solved. 

👉Figuring out means there’s a definite, unchanging “you.” 

It might sound nice…

But it’s a reactive approach. 

And the idea that there’s a “final version” of you can leave you frustrated and confused if things don’t fall into place exactly how you pictured.

Don’t fall into this trap. 

The real deal is — DEFINING who you are.

Instead of searching for a predefined you, defining who you are is about embracing life as a journey and defining yourself as you go. 

It’s active, and evolving. 

It’s about exploration, experimentation, and growth.

✨ Want a new career? Take up fresh training, or network in a different field.

✨ Not sure about a hobby? Try until you find something you really like. 

Let go of the idea that there’s a fixed “you.” 

Embrace curiosity — be open to possibilities, & challenges. Allow yourself to be guided by genuine interest and wonder.

You are not a passive receiver of identity. You are an active creator of it.

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