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For Humans ONLY

By: Michael Blankenship |

“We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.” 

~Arianna Huffington

“Excellence doesn’t take a day off!” 

“Never settle!” 

“Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

We’ve all heard these phrases.

But they’re stupid. 

Those beliefs that we need to deliver 110% all the time, never falter, and hustle all the time… they’re not just ridiculous, they’re damaging. 

We become cold & judgmental toward ourselves.

“I blew my diet again! What a moron.”

But we’re not machines. So why treat ourselves like machines?

We’re humans! 

🙄 Our brains get tired. 

After a long, tough day it’s difficult to get a workout or work on your passion projects. 

⛈️ We feel bad. 

Bad sleep, weather, or a fight with a friend can make you more emotional and less focused. 

🤢 We’re imperfect. 

Illness, fatigue, a nagging headache — not just excuses, they’re real-life factors that can affect how you perform.

🫂 Our environment affects us. 

A supportive family, a motivating boss, or even just a sunny day can boost your energy. 

Want some proof that you’re not “the only one”?

Here’s what my last week looked like:

💪 Monday’s Best: Worked out for an hour, felt invincible, and aced my work tasks.

🌦️ Tuesday’s Best: Managed only one page of writing, but read 50 pages of a book and cooked for my family. 

🌧️ Wednesday’s Best: Missed the gym, struggled with work, but went for a walk to center myself again. 

🌞 Thursday’s Best: Back on track. Wrote three pages, nailed the tasks, and enjoyed a great sleep.

🌼 Friday’s Best: Stayed normal. Balanced work and leisure, did some light reading.

See the ups and downs? That’s real life.

Your “best”, doesn’t have to be a blockbuster performance every day. It doesn’t have to match your neighbor’s nor does it require you to be the best at everything.


Accepting your ever-changing “best”, is not about lowering your standards. 

It’s about saying, “I will do the best I can right now, with what I have, and take care of myself in the process.”

And it’s about understanding your own unique ebb and flow. 

Next time when you feel down about not being at your “best”, pause and think of your best friend. 

If they were in your situation, you wouldn’t expect them to be perfect. 

You’d be kind and understanding. 

Now, treat yourself the same way.

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