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— Erica Gill —
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“I subscribe to a lot of curated newsletters, but The Tonic has quickly risen to the top of my absolute favorites.”
— Rosa Bales —
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“It points me to good articles and points of view to consider… I can't bring myself to delete one of your emails until I've read it!”
— Ron Orr —
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“The Tonic is very informative and thought-provoking. It's something I look forward to every Tuesday!”
— James C. Solares —
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“I love getting these newsletters! They always give me a moment to stop and think, and I love trying to guess the riddle answer before I get to the bottom.”
— Mellania Sog —
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“Thank you for providing a balanced perspective on the Joe Rogan controversy! Takes a lot of courage especially in this climate. I am now an even bigger fan of this newsletter.”
— Margurite Teresa Weeks —
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“Thanks, as usual, for a great read (the best newsletter I’ve ever read or with which I’ve interacted), and for helping me find space to think about my life as it intersects with the world.”
— Adam Barney —
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“Man oh man - another bang-up issue again this week… I've shared so many times since I first signed up and just love sharing what you put together here - it's so simple and inspiring each week!”
— Jennifer McKeown —
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“Best email yet!! Love the takeaways and fair summaries of current events. Just lovely.”
— Eleanor Coughlan —
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“Enjoyed your email, was feeling lazy and it made me get up from the couch - start small!!”