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The Tonic started in 2021 with the mission of inspiring its readers to live their best lives. Since then it’s grown to over 16,500 readers.

Our daily emails cover everything from mindfulness habits and stoic-based life lessons to productivity hacks and mindset exercises.

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What Our Readers Think of The Tonic…

“I love getting these newsletters! They always give me a moment to stop and think, and I love trying to guess the riddle answer before I get to the bottom.”

– James C. Solares

“I subscribe to a lot of curated newsletters, but The Tonic has quickly risen to the top of my absolute favorites.”

Erica Gill

“Thanks, as usual, for a great read (the best newsletter I’ve ever read or which I’ve interacted), and for helping me find space to think about my life as it intersects with the world.”

– Margurite Teresa Weeks

“Man oh man — another bang-up issue again this week… I’ve shared so many times since I first signed up and just love sharing what you put together here – it’s so simple and inspiring each week!”

– Adam Barney

“Enjoyed your email, was feeling lazy and it made me get up from the couch – start small!”

– Eleanor Coughlan

“It points me to good articles and points of view to consider… I can’t bring myself to delete one of your emails until I’ve read it!”

– Rosa Bales

“I LOVE getting your newsletter. There is always something that brightens my day or makes me think or opens my mind or teaches me. Thank you Thank you !! Keep up the good work and I will keep spreading the word.”

– Rebecca Rolstad