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There’s a Book For That

By: Michael Blankenship |

A house without books is like a room without windows.”

– Horace Mann

You’ve probably seen the now famous 2009 Apple “there’s an app for that” commercial.

Well… just as there’s an app for doing almost anything, there’s a book for learning almost anything. 

I believe there are some things that transcend money and finances — things important enough that you shouldn’t think at all about the cost.

Books are one of those things. 

The benefits of reading on mental health, cognition, memory, and even emotional intelligence are well-documented and go far beyond whatever the cost may be. 

That’s why my house is full of books.

When I wanted to learn how to become a better copywriter, I read The Adweek Copywriting Handbook.

When I found out I was going to be a Father, I read Parenting With Love And Logic.

When I wanted to learn more about climate change, I read several of Elizabeth Kolbert’s books

If it’s a hot topic, I’ll often buy books from both sides of the spectrum to see what they have to say and make up my own mind.

This is one of the best habits I’ve built for myself over the last decade. 

When you are curious about something… or when you want to make up your mind on a hot topic… or when you’re in the mood to learn a new skill… 

There’s a book for that. 

Not sure where to start? 

Here are the 10 of the best recent nonfiction books.

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