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Two Minute Rule

By: Michael Blankenship |

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

Do any of the patterns sound familiar?

  • “procrastination” -> “approaching deadlines” -> “increased stress” -> “more procrastination”
  • “no exercise” -> “low energy” -> “no exercise”
  • “poor sleep” -> “fatigue” -> “caffeine/short naps” -> “poor sleep”
  • “negative self-talk” -> “low self-esteem” -> “avoidance of challenges” -> “negative self-talk”

I’ve navigated through the first three myself.

Each of them has an initial behavior that leads to a series of consequences that eventually circle back and reinforce the original behavior.

And it’s damn hard to get out of these. 

Why do we get stuck?

Often, it’s because we’re focused on the effort required to break out of them, rather than the benefits of doing so. 

So here’s an idea — what if you shifted your focus? 

Imagining how good you’ll feel after some physical activity, rather than how hard it might be to start.


Imagining the relief and peace of mind after completing tasks early? Picture the sense of accomplishment and the extra time you’d have for things you truly enjoy. 

Suddenly, the effort to start doesn’t seem so daunting.

Once you have this mindset, you don’t need much — only one tiny action that is almost effortless to break your pattern.

For example, here’s how to stop procrastinating using the two-minute rule.

This Week’s Image

This Week’s Riddle

No matter how little or how much you use me, you change me every month. What am I?

This Week’s Journaling Prompt

Choose one of your personal patterns that align with the examples given (like procrastination, no exercise, poor sleep, or negative self-talk). Describe a recent instance where you found yourself stuck in this loop. How can you apply the “Two Minute Rule” to this specific pattern? Write down one small, almost effortless action you can take that can be completed in two minutes or less

This Week’s Challenge

This week, start your day with two minutes of positive self-talk or affirmations. This can be done in front of a mirror or quietly to yourself, focusing on your strengths and achievements. The goal of this challenge is to become more aware of the small actions that can make a significant difference in breaking negative patterns and cycles

Riddle Answer: A calendar

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