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You never know…

By: Michael Blankenship |

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” 

– Thomas A. Edison

There’s one common denominator with all successful people. 

They didn’t give up.

Even in their darkest moments, they never threw in the towel or wrote themselves off as a lost cause. 

Here’s the most simple way I can say it. 

If you don’t quit, there’s a chance you might be successful.

If you quit, you definitely won’t be successful. 

Easier said than done.

Every day, someone on social media or the internet tells us the best way to live.

👉“Try This New Anxiety Hack”

👉“This New Morning Routine Will Change Your Life”

👉“5 Ways To Beat Procrastination”

👉 “From Stagnant to Stellar: Simple Steps to Revitalize Your Life”

Don’t get me wrong.

What these people are selling you isn’t a bad thing. 

And if any of these topics connect with just one person and it changes their life, I couldn’t be happier for them.

But the foundation of these steps or strategies boils down to one thing.

Never give up.

It’s that simple.

No hack, routine, or 5-step guide can replace the raw, unyielding power of persistence. 

It’s the undercurrent of every success story, the backbone of achievements. 

It’s not glamorous or flashy, but it’s essential.

And you never know when fate can step in and reward your steady grit.

  • Stephen King’s first big hit book, ‘Carrie,’ was fished out of the garbage by his wife when she was tidying up his writing room. She saw the potential and encouraged him to finish it.
  • Harrison Ford was a carpenter and 35 years old before being cast in his career-defining role as Han Solo in the original Star Wars movies.
  • Ray Kroc, before founding McDonald’s, was a struggling milkshake machine salesman. He didn’t open his first McDonald’s until he was 52.

So long as you like what you’re doing, just don’t quit.

Success doesn’t have a timeline.

Keep showing up ever and do the work. 

Remember this the next time you come across the latest life-changing advice… 

It’s the will to keep going, and the determination to push through that truly defines success.

Stay the course. 

You never know—your breakthrough moment might just be around the corner.

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