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Your Greatest Fear…

By: Michael Blankenship |

“When we are tired, it is often because we are bored. When no real challenge faces us, a mental and physical lethargy sets in. ‘Sometimes death only comes from a lack of energy,’ Napoleon once said, and lack of energy comes from a lack of challenges, when we have taken on less than we are capable of.”

– Robert Greene

Your greatest fear is to discover your own fundamental inadequacy in the midst of your most daring pursuit — and so you don’t dare. 

But what might you achieve if you did? 

What are the possibilities of your own relentless ambition?

The only way to find out what you’re capable of… is to FIND OUT what you’re capable of

The unexplored remains unexplored… 

until you venture forth.

This Week’s Image

This Week’s Riddle

What’s lighter than a feather but impossible to hold for much more than a minute?

This Week’s Journaling Prompt

Think of a big dream you’re scared to chase. What’s the worst thing that could happen if you go for it and fail? Describe this worst-case situation. Then, ask yourself: Is this really that bad? How could you handle it if it did happen?

This Week’s Challenge

Choose one goal you’ve been afraid to pursue. Within the next week, commit to taking one small but concrete step towards it. This could be anything from drafting a plan, starting a relevant course, or discussing it with someone who can offer guidance

Riddle Answer: Your breath

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