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Here are some more details about our reward program!

How do my referrals count toward rewards?

Every time someone signs up using your unique link (you can find yours in any email from us!), that counts as one referral toward your reward progress. And your counter never restarts. So if you get 3 referrals today and 2 referrals tomorrow, you will get both our Sunday Insider emails and 101 Lessons. If you get 15 more referrals over the following week, we’ll ship you The Tonic journal. So on and so forth.

Speaking of which, here are some more details about our specific rewards.

Reward #1 (1 Referral) – Sunday Insider Email

Every Sunday, we send out one podcast, article, and video that week from our favorite philosophers and scientists like…

… and lots more.

This is the same stuff that inspires us, sent straight to your inbox every Sunday morning. And you only need ONE REFERRAL to get added to this list. 🙂

Reward #2 (5 Referrals) – 101 Lessons

A little while back we published our first ebook, 101 Lessons Growth, Success, & Practical Progress (<– you can see the details at that link).

A lot of love went into this ❤️ I basically poured all of the mindset lessons I’ve learned over the last few years into this book — from building businesses, moving to Portugal, having a mental breakdown, and facing big ups and big downs.

It’s everything I’ve learned from my wins AND my losses, supplemented by modern research, powerful stories, and ancient wisdom.

If you enjoy The Tonic newsletter, then you’ll love this.

It normally sells for $27 but you can get it for free by getting just 5 referrals!

Reward #3 (20 Referrals) – The Tonic Journal

We’re big believers in the power (and importance) of journaling — both for mental wellbeing and for goal-setting. That’s why, if you get 20 referrals, we’ll ship our custom-branded journal straight to your home address! It normally sells for $25.

Reward #4 (100 Referrals) – Free Shoutout OR 5 Books

If you get over 100 referrals, we’ll give you two options! You can either get a free shoutout in our newsletter (this is for those of your who have businesses, books, or something else that you’d like to promote to our audience). Otherwise, we’ll ship you our 5 favorite personal development books straight to your home address. These will be the most life-changing books we’ve ever read!

Reward #5 (500 Referrals) – reMarkable Hand-Writing Tablet

Hand-writing is a bit of a lost art today, but research shows that it’s super beneficial for cognition. The reMarkable device combines the benefits of hand-writing with the benefits of technology. You can write notes, convert them to text, and then transfer them to your computer with just a few clicks. We love this device. And if you get 500 referrals, we’ll ship one straight to your home address!